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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.

AMWgrp: AMW Group - Top Music PR Agency Review - SMO Worldwide Top Agency - About Group 'AMW' - 13

Published Apr 21, 2020 4:31 AM | Updated; Aug 7, 2020 by "AMW" Group Reviewer |Top Music Digital News | "PR Agency" Review | "About" | @AMW | #amw Top "Music PR" Agency Review "SMO Worldwide" About Group #AMW | SMO Worldwide "Agency 2014" | About "Group AMW" | #amwgroup | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | "What You Need To Know About" | AM World Group | "#mikecoates" | #amwgrp| #keetria Call Your Clients | 

AMW Top Music PR Agency Review SMO Worldwide About Group | @amwgrp | #amwgrp | #smoworldwide |  #amwgroup
AMW Top Music PR Agency Review SMO Worldwide About Group | @amwgrp | #amwgrp | #smoworldwide | #amwgroup

This is how the story goes: Executive Producer Brandon Haze Johnson (Owner of Yea Buddy Chili). Brandon contacted Marcus Giavanni. Brandon had ask Giavanni to help him produce an album. Brandon knew Giavanni is a master of many Industries. And Music Producing is one of those Mastered skills Brandon knew he needed to get this project off the ground.


So, Giavanni contacted Professor Whimsical (That is what Giavanni calls Nick Pelc, Augminished Studio; behind his back), to become the sound engineer and advisor to this new project. A Contact through “Get Tha Loot”.


Then, Vitruvian MAN entered the project. The was no name of the project, no music for the project, and Vitruvian MAN (, immediately calls for 15 songs: Calling the Project “Circus of a Lifetime”.


Brandon sought out the best beat producers in the world. (According to Vitruvian MAN) And after 10 Months of recording, arranging, write lyrics, and the magic of Marcus Giavanni, and Vitruvian MAN. And then MB Holdings Artists Music Label entered the picture.


Executive Producer Brand Haze Johnson was set to release on January 3, 2020. It was during this release. Brandon needed to find a PR Company. So, he asked SMO Worldwide, and GP7A to help with over seeing the Google Compliance and Google Terms and Conditions for the project.



The Chief Information Officer for this project is Vitruvian MAN. It was Vitruvian Man’s decision to use; what was found on the Internet of AMW Group being “AMW Group Top Music PR Agency


Have you seen the AM World Group website??? It is filled with marvelous images, and bogs, talking, writing, about other people, places, and things on the “Dlrow Ediw Bew” Platforms called IoT.


Wow, holy wacky! After visiting the website, I can see how anyone could be drawn into this web of whatever AMW wants to call it. They have a right! Just as AMW Group clients, have a right to have their questions answered, as well. Top Music PR Agency GP7A Absolute Authority Google My Business Developer


Here is the Video Story of those tales of alleged facts: and


All I now, is this Vitruvian MAN cat; is one serious mf! And Vitruvian knows his Google better than anyone I have ever seen in the United States. And if you are an Artists, Musicians, All Writers, before you spend a dime. Call GP7A! And really build your future from Google Organic to Google Ads. Control your Own Knowledge Panel. On the right side of the Google Organic Search Results.


One thing for sure, Vitruvian MAN Knows something the people who boast 20 year of old school PR cannot beat “SMO Worldwide Digital SEO SMO Integration” Ram Jam. And the node connections through Google Maps, GP7A as well as countless others. It’ About to rise, all underground conversations. Views and Impressions are everything to gain an underground following.


I received this from Marcus Giavanni the Master of Puppets over the Internet and I had asked him to send me a snapshot of his Google Maps Contributions Images and Views.


Pre 2020 : Quantity over Quality Likes and Followers. Now Post January 1, 2020 12:00:01 AM It is Quality over Quantity for Likes and Followers, and if you do not have nothing nice to say. Do not click on anything but Like. We reap what we so! You do not like, then People will not like you. Sow Love, and Kindness, and you will rule your Circus of life! Along with Like-minded compatible = friends, and followers. If you do not like someone’s video! Look away and press the X! Now, if you are a client of a business, and you actually paid money. And was not happy with the products and services; go to their Google My Business Page a lodge a complaint. Welcome to the New Google. (These rules, I was told do not follow Artists, Entertainment. Sports, and Certain Brands)


SEO Joe: Who is SEO Joe? #SEOJoe is an underground blogger; who, along with other Data Protections Authority around the world; changing; the way Artificial Intelligence sees exterior code, whilst indexing all conversations, locations, and with whom! And what you all talked about; to give you the next brand search. Learned by pre-programmed services, SEO application.