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GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
GP7A is also a client of SMO Worldwide as heard on 1100 KFNX.
SocialSeo: Greg Walthour Fooled Me by Worldwide SEO and SMO Guru

Published Oct 16, 2017 12:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | International News | United States News | Colorado News | Colorado Springs News | Pikes Peak Seo | Greg Walthour | SocialSEO | Fooling Everyone | World Wide SEO and SMO Guru | Social SEO | Social SMO


GP7A News: Walking into a den of Lions … World Wide SEO and SMO Guru(Youtube | Published March 18, 2014), or Pikes Peak SEO and knowing it, and writing the future conversations, of the circles, that crossed me, and me Google Voice. And knowing it before it happens, based on Google Advanced Algorithms? What?  We can give your company a 40% discount. A 40% discount, and a free case review. To receive your free SEO and SMo health check. Call 303-945-1638 and speak to Marcus Giavanni direct, and give him the CODE ... "GW told me to call to get that free SEO and SMO Health Check, and 40% discount, and a white hat label, wholesale prices for Google AdWords for a minimal fee of Cost +10%. That's right, no more manipulating your analytics, you control your own content, farm it yourself at 15 minutes a day. You you don't have 15 minutes a day to look over, and tending to your content farm. 

Yea … Really! I heard about this Galvanize group that sells overpriced education, and you would not believe the circle of this group. At the galvanized location on Platte. I noticed parking was bad. Very bad. And when I got to Galvanized. I was very Impressed with the money they spent, and the clientele they so badly need to pay for all those luxuries. And God forbid, if you say anything constructive. But then again, when you understand the Denver startup week, Marcus Giavanni, and the Downtown Denver Partnership, and Tami Door. No wonder they don’t want anyone. That can out rank them on Google. Priceless. Ya Heard Me!

"Greg Walthour: What are you thinking? What ... you Fooled me??? But you only played yourself.  I’m glad I could help, you with your Pikes Peak SEO. Now I’m prepared to beat all your contracts by 40%, and Google AdWords at cost +10% all content controlled by Worldwide SEO and SMO Guru Marcus Giavanni, and Smo Worldwide"."

Greg Walthour, do you know, how I know. You old School SEO Optimization. Because we are now working in the cloud business. Where high rents, and overpriced staff. Will kill your business in future. My cloud base company, will always beat SEO. In pricing, and most importance, true Google+ Law Authority. 

Yes, we are in the clouds, raining down on your parade. And when People can save 40%, see instant results. And Clients Will Never Have to Worry About Companies like, Social SEO, again ... Priceless! As for your local clients … they will see the same red flag I saw, when I drove down the highway, and saw that sign on the building. I knew why your client called me. Thanks Greg!!! Welcome to my circle, that was started that first email … many years ago at Pikes Peak SEO.

You see Greg Walthour, you have done well for your self indeed. But the red flag with you. (Besides the quick name change, and 20 years of experience, but not with SocialSEO.) No, Greg, the red flag, was when we meet at Galvanized. Do you really think, I was there to listen, to people who are half assed, closed minded? Actors! Hell, No brother. My phone calls, emails, to some of your staff. 

The years of communication, was purposely based on another client information. Published Oct 16, 2017 12:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni of GP7A News for International News, United Sates News, Colorado News, Colorado Springs News. The story featuring SocialSEO, President, Greg Walthour, Following Everyone … Accept WorldWide SEO and SMO Guru… Marcus Giavanni, the true Authority in Social Search engine Optimization, and Social SMO Integration. Period! – Marcus Giavanni